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Tips for Getting Your Ring Sizing Right:

Rings can be tricky to size, so here are a few of our tips.

  • Rings should slide on easily over the knuckle and be comfortable on - not tight. They should be a little harder to push off over the knuckle.  Your ring should be a snug fit and shouldn't slide off by itself. 

  • You finger will fluctuate in half sizes usually throughout the day, this is dependant on temperature and exercise. It is always best to measure your finger size a couple of times at different times of the day. Warm up your fingers to a point where they’re not too hot and not too cold (and if anything, on the warmer side).

  • Wide band rings fit differently than a thin band ring, and usually require going up at least a 1/2 - 1 size from your normal ring size.

  • If you are unsure of your finger size, it is best to visit a local jeweller to get an accurate size or order a ring sizer.

  • Each of your ten fingers and thumbs will have their own, unique size. Be sure to measure them all and keep a handy list on your phone!

Ring Size Chart
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