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Will my jewellery tarnish?

Sterling silver can tarnish over time, but it is important to know that tarnishing will not damage your jewellery, and that this is a completely natural process, which can be removed and prevented.


Sterling silver is an alloy of silver and base metals such as copper; the copper reacts with sulphur-containing gases in the air to form a layer of the compound copper sulphide.


Some items have been deliberately tarnished to give the black 'antiqued' finish.

Whilst I personally believe that Sterling Silver jewellery can be worn 24/7, here are some top tips to avoid tarnishing.

  • When you're not wearing your jewellery, store in an air tight bag to reduce the contact with the air and moisture.

  • Contact with harsh chemicals such as Cleaning products, Perfume, make-up and lotions etc. can accelerate tarnishing, you may need to clean you jewellery more often.

  • The salt and acid content in sweat can also accelerate tarnishing.

  • Wearing in the Pool or in a Hot Tub can speed up the tarnishing process due to the chemicals used in the water.

  • Chains can snag when you're exercising or sleeping, so take care.



How can I clean my jewellery?

If your jewellery does become a little tarnished, it's easy to re-polish! Use a lint free cloth, or a jewellery polishing cloth, to remove smudges, fingerprints and day-to-day tarnishing.  The silver jewellery polishing cloth may be purchased here on the Mooi website. Polishing regularly with a soft polish cloth will help prevent tarnish taking a grip. Silver dips should be avoided as they will remove any antique finish from the jewellery. 


Many of the designs are delicate so please store items in their individual gift boxes or pouch to avoid items scratching, tangling or tarnishing. Chains should be kept fastened, to help prevent tangling. I recommend that you check chains, links and clasps regularly to ensure they remain sound.

Avoid spraying perfume and hair spray when wearing your jewellery and remove when cleaning, bathing, exercising or sleeping, as chemical including moisturisers and sweat may tarnish the silver.


Will the black lettering fade?

To darken any lettering, I use a safe non-toxic patina. Over time this patina may fade or discolour with wear or if it comes into contact with household chemicals such as cleaning products, but I’m always happy to add this to your jewellery again, just get in touch!

However if you’d rather not have your stamping darkened, there is the option to have it left silver.


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