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This necklace spacer clasp will keep your layered chains from tangling whilst wearing them.
It is so easy to use and will save a lot of time trying to fasten and unfasten many necklaces.

Attach any necklace or chain to the spacer clasp. One side of the spacer clasp has loops to fasten your necklace clasp to. The other side of the spacer clasp has trigger clasps to fasten to the necklace end rings.

The spacer clasp opens by sliding the two magnetic tubes apart, and closes by sliding the smaller tube inside the larger tube .... So simple!

Available in a choice of 3 materials:
Sterling Silver (all parts are 925 Sterling silver)
Silver Plated
Gold Plated

Available in a choice of 3 sizes:
2 clasps
3 clasps
4 clasps

Layer Necklace Clasp

PriceFrom £8.00
  • This item is handmade and ready to destach by 1st Class Royal Mail post within 2 working day.

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